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A very hot hockey player who loves the game. He is the hottest guy on the team he will make the ice melt below his feet. He loves to fight and is a top scorer. Every one likes him and he is funny.
wow look at Ius he is hot!!
by Eddie-lover12//9127 December 06, 2010
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Involuntary Uniform Sydrome - turning up anywhere wearing exactly the same clothes as someone else.
Person1: Saturday night was so bad - had an IUS moment with X

Person1: *points at two or more people wearing the same clothes* IUS!
by MuffinInAJar June 29, 2009
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I.U.S (Involuntary uniform syndrome), either a one off occurance, or a constant accidental habit of wearing the same clothes as someone else.
Situation 1 - When explaining to a friend your dilemma

"I keep turning up places and making an IUS with people"

Situation 2 - When exclaiming to someone else in the same clothes

"Omg, we've got an IUS going on between us!"

Situation 3 - Two people walk in wearing exactly the same thing

"Wow, that's an amazing IUS!!"

Can also be A.U.S - Accidental Uniform Sydrome
by BayernBabe July 14, 2009
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