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1. Refers to any class of people other than tax-avoiding corporate elites such as GE and Exxon. In contrast to the above definition of the phrase, this definition acknowledges that taxes have not risen for most Americans, and especially not for record-smashing billion-dollar profit companies who shelter their earnings from taxation with off-shore subsidiaries.

It also refers to the hard work done by working class and middle class people that pays social security and income taxes to the federal government. This is the work that keeps our society functioning by paying for schools, roads, hospitals, and other basic life necessities that the free market has failed to provide in an equitable and socially responsible manner.
John: What do you think of the middle class these days?

James: It pays the taxes.

John: What do you think of the wealthiest corporations in the world?

James: Not so much ...


Jane: How would you describe the labor of the people?

Jenny: It pays the taxes.

Jane: How would you describe the capital of the elites?

Jenny: Derived from the taxes paid by the people.
by tagonist April 15, 2010
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The replacement saying for "It pays the bills" in reference to writing off a job as merely a means of income, and in no way an enjoyable or lucrative way of making a living.
Due to the increase in taxes "It pays the taxes" takes the place of "It pays the bills" while it takes a second job or additional income to actually pay the bills.
"How's your new job going?"

"It's going ... it pays the taxes. I'm looking for a part-time job now to pay the bills"
by The Cason-Point April 13, 2010
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