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Issis is the type of girl who is nice and usually has a dark colored hair, she is always made fun of her name and called terrorist ,she is beautiful and probably hates everyone secretly,she can be really mysterious sometimes never knowing what's going on,she has lots of friends but is never sure if they fake or real.
Issis is coming run!

Hi issis what's been going on
by Randomgirl1956 July 13, 2018
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Is a girl that your not sure whom she really is, a girl that is in your head, and you can get her out of it, more than a friend yet may have only met once yet see her in your life as the one.
Hey, Issi- I am calling you that over the fact were dating and yet I don't know you, yet you're my lover.
Issi is a pet name for all girls that are nameless
by M. R. Duriez October 04, 2018
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She is a sweet and kind girl who is very trustworthy. She will always have your back no matter what. She’s also a girl who is very dedicated on her education, and wants to chase her dreams.
I used this name “issis” because it has a true meaning and it’s also used by a technique called “text to self”.
by Exo.scavenger November 08, 2018
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She’s a fine dark girl that has nice thicc thighs like if u see her you’ll be like dayum😍 she hella freaky but low key a hoe sometimes.
Dayum he’s dating Issis he’s gonna get cheated on
by Ajdudjdhdhr May 09, 2018
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