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Sorta of a mix between a skateboard and long board. Made for cruising and shit. Overpriced but kinda worth it. Nickle is the bigger version. Get your hands on itt and your addicted. Nice accessory, bettter learn how to ride it? People who have one, are cool.
Yo its my Organic Pennyboard, ya ik rad dude
by Arcticmonkey1 November 21, 2013
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It's like a mini skateboard with thicker and softer wheels, small trucks, plastic deck, and comes in 2 sizes. They come in many colors.

Most of the people who ride it these days are girls. They probably don't even ride it, just post pictures if it in tumblr and be posers.
I ride a Penny Board.
by AmaranthineFog June 18, 2014
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A plastic skateboard ridden exclusively by 12 year old girls on tumblr or adult men who dont have enough self confidence to ride a real skateboard, and not enough self respect to realize theyd be better off walking.
Look at Timmy trying to be cool, Penny Boarding with his airpods in. Its just sad.
by goobyyams January 31, 2019
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