Isaiah is the name of a funny guy. He is very sarcastic. He is sensitive but will be one of the best guy friends ever
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by May 30, 2021
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Isaiah is a nice boy that doesnt get in much trouble. Isaiah is not very handsome but that special someone in his life thinks other wise. Isaiah is a anti social piece if shit and only talks around friends. Isaiah thinks hes a gangster most of the time but no one is scared of him tho. Isaiah is a fucking machine even tho his ass has probably been in one relationship hes fucked atleast over fifteen people. Isaiah will make fall in love with him at first sit even tho hes an ugly peice of shit. But his special someone will appreciate all the love he give his sexual partner. If you have an Isaiah in your life keep him for ever even if you still in middle school.
Woman 1:Wow Aliyah just an Isaiah.
Woman 2: Really ive liked Isaiah since second grade.
Aliyah: wow Isaiah is really fucking nice but his friends are absolute dick heads.
by Imgaypenissucker69691998 March 02, 2019
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a bald headed ass bitch who like to constantly suck on their mothers titis and will eat yo booty for the free free!!!
by DaBaddestBitch.... July 01, 2019
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Isaiah is a guy who's always quiet in class around other people and gets nervous around them.when you get to know him he's a really funny guy and really awkward sometimes.he wears a Hollister hoodie.like the color black.and it's really fine.
isaiah is a awesome person you will ever meet
by little old creg May 12, 2021
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Isaiah is a sweet,wild,lovable person..he can be annoying and aggravating and a jerk at times but trust and believe me isaiah is a person you will never,i repeat never wanna leave.Isaiah is the funniest person you can ever meet,you can always come to him and have a laughter and a joyful time with him,don't ever judge an isaiah because they can be the best boyfriend/bestfriend of your life they will treat you like your the only girl on this earth.i mean yeah they can be complete dick's at times but i promise y'all leaving an isaiah is gonna ruin y'all life's,there like a person you can never leave and never get over with there literally your other half/happiness/your bestfriend/your everything.im telling y'all don't ever let an isaiah just walk out of y'all life's y'all going to regret.
isaiah is so annoying bro but i love him.
by sjefihviudegue20348 June 09, 2019
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