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She's the best girl you can get. Funny, smart, a little akward, gorgeous and a real friend. Everyone loves this hot chick. Her name will be remembered!
"She's so pretty, her name must be Isabeau!"
by sreiht September 05, 2011
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Beautiful, strong, intelligent title character from Ladyhawke. Cursed to be cruelly parted from her lover as she is a hawk by day and a woman by night and he is a wolf by night and a man by day.
a: Isabeau refused the bishop and was punished.
by solarecreator February 02, 2010
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(a) an evil incarnate of epic proportions that demands MPKed sacrifices bordering a death toll rivaling complete genocide

(b) To be AWAY FROM KEYBOARD (AFK) for obscene amounts of time.
(a) Isabeau MPKed me!

(b) I'm isabeau for the weekend, leave a message!
by Knitemare January 30, 2009
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she is a hater. However can be extremely nice. Isabeau is a type of person you want to keep around for a long time. Isabeau has a great personality and is cute.
Isabeau is who denies all good ideas but will then later say that its not that bad like roasting marshmallows with your hand.
by Kicer July 16, 2011
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One of the most disturbing characters made for the fighting game engine Mugen. Created by Ex Inferus (who, from what I heard, used stolen coding) this char is an edit of Kula Diamond (a KOF character). What makes her so disturbing is that basically, Kula has come back from the dead as Isabeau (after either being crucified or impaled on a stick.) She's been given hellified powers and she sometimes summons demons to attack you. When beaten for the second round, she explodes into a mutilated mess. Just a note for those who are easily disturbed or sickened by the sight of dead bodies and hell-like stuff, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS CHARACTER IF YOU FIND HER! She will give you nightmares!

Other than that, she's a pretty good character to own: if you like characters that have very cheesy moves and can hardly be beaten.
Isabeau has owned every character in my roster.
by OmegaXMK2 December 30, 2006
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