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extreme way of saying hell to the no. used when somebody asks a "when hell freezes over" type question
Dude 1: can I test drive your H3 for a sec?

Dude 2: hell to the fuckin' no.
by OmegaXMK2 November 01, 2006
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A beautiful broad from the King of Fighters Fighting Game Series. Athena started out in her own games, Athena and Psycho Soldier, and later became part of King of Fighters. She is said to be an incarnation of the greek goddess under the same name. She is a Japanese pop star. She also has psychic powers. She likes creating homepages, shopping, and leaf-shaped bean cakes. She hates grasshoppers. She fights for justice. She is best friends with Sie Kensou.
Athena Asamiya can kick almost anyone's ass.
by OmegaXMK2 October 30, 2006
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Another name for Bullchicken. Sometimes spelled as two different words. A fictional two-legged creature from the popular game Half-Life. They have 5 red tentacles surrounding its mouth and spots running down its back. The High definition model for the bullsquid has two spikes at the end of its tail, but the original has no spikes. If you get too close to one, it'll bite and toss you backwards. If you're not within biting range, it'll constantly spit acid at you. If you're near death, the bullchicken will finish you with a gibbing tail whip instead of biting you. Bullchickens are agressive, but also easy to kill. Bullchickens are amphibious creatures. They're also attracted to radiation and are often seen in radioactive waste pools. They feed on headcrabs. Also, if a bullsquid sees any gibs within its area, it may stop attacking and eat them. Bullchickens may attack each other if there's more than one in an area, possibly for food or for mating. They live in a place called Xen. Bullchickens may be vicious, but some may not attack humans, and may actually be more scared of them than humans are afraid of them. For example, when Gordon Freeman was accidentially teleported to Xen for the first time after the Resonance Cascade, he saw two bullchickens, but they did not attack him. Another reason for their agressiveness towards Humans is that being on Earth probably had them scared and confused, due to the fact that they haven't gotten used to their surroundings. It is speculated Eli Vance, one of the survivors of Half-Life, had lost his leg in a bullchicken attack.
Bullsquids are easily owned with a shotgun.
by OmegaXMK2 August 15, 2007
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One of the most disturbing characters made for the fighting game engine Mugen. Created by Ex Inferus (who, from what I heard, used stolen coding) this char is an edit of Kula Diamond (a KOF character). What makes her so disturbing is that basically, Kula has come back from the dead as Isabeau (after either being crucified or impaled on a stick.) She's been given hellified powers and she sometimes summons demons to attack you. When beaten for the second round, she explodes into a mutilated mess. Just a note for those who are easily disturbed or sickened by the sight of dead bodies and hell-like stuff, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS CHARACTER IF YOU FIND HER! She will give you nightmares!

Other than that, she's a pretty good character to own: if you like characters that have very cheesy moves and can hardly be beaten.
Isabeau has owned every character in my roster.
by OmegaXMK2 December 30, 2006
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