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When you or your Scrabble opponent has so many vowels on their rack, they can't make a word on the board, or the only word that can be made is going to score very low. Complaining about having too many vowels and getting irritable reign over swapping a vowel tile and skipping a turn.
player #1: your turn.
player #2: dude, I can't even make a word, I have too many vowels.
player #1: swap some tiles, then.
player #2: no, it's ok. I will just make this two letter word and get a crappy point score.
player #1: sounds like you are suffering from Irritable Vowel Syndrome.
by scrabble girl April 28, 2010
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When playing scrabble and you keep getting vowels, turn after turn, even when you exchange tiles.
I cannot believe it, this is the third turn I am only getting vowels in this Scrabble round, I must have Irritable vowel syndrome (I.V.S.)!
by Farshad Tami September 13, 2019
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Refers to a semi-serious malady whereby an impatient/cantankerous person habitually "whimpers 'n' growls" using long drawn-out wordless/meaningless noises that, if written out phonetically, would consume a whole lotta letters other than consonants, such as "Aaaaaaaaaarrgghhhuuuuuuuuuhhhhh...!" or, "Eeeeeeeeeennnggguuuuuuuuuhhh...!"
I never take my spoiled-rotten teenage cousin along on family shopping-trips anymore... the lengthy wait-times between stores, our unwillingness to purchase the unnecessary/overly-expensive items he desires, our inability to go around to all the places he wants to visit, and the late hour that we usually get home all conspire to give him a major case of irritable vowel syndrome, and this constant fretting takes all the cheerfulness out of the trip for everyone else.
by QuacksO September 24, 2017
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