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IronManning is the act of performing male on male anal. Both males then ejaculates, pisses, shits, cries and vomits while another 3rd male sits back also ejaculating, pissing, shitting, crying, vomiting and filming. It is known as IronManning because you release all firearms
Yo dude, I'm IronManning with Bob today
by BobBobsonBobobson October 31, 2017
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The act of cutting a can in half, and then shoving the sharp end onto the center of another's chest and twisting it around, cutting a hole in their chest, also while screaming," IRON MAN, IRON MAN!"
I heard that Karshin had to go to the hospital after getting held down and being given Iron Manning for five minutes.
by D1ck Gang December 01, 2014
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V. Ejaculating on a woman's chest after sex, turning all the lights off and shining a UV light on her chest, which will cause the ejaculate to glow, much like the arc reactor in implanted in Tony Stark's chest in the popular Marvel comic Iron Man.
Guy 1: Milly was wondering why I put a UV light above the bed yesterday. Tonight she's in for a surprise.

Guy 2: Haha, dude you should totally send me pics of you iron manning her!

Guy1: No. That's just weird Chad, get a girlfriend already you huge creep.
by doodledip March 04, 2012
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When you shit, piss, have a blood nose, and vomit at the same time while fucking a body pillow.
Oh you were Ironmanning last night?
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by Yeet on them haters November 01, 2017
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