shaolin technique developed by method man.Consists of having iron lungs due to intensive training consisting of smoking weed.
he has mastered the iron lungs technique.beware.
by ironlungs August 18, 2007
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A devise used to make the user inhale more then your muscle will let you inhale normally.
Hey man check out my iron lung! we can get mad hits off of this.
by will crowell June 18, 2006
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A competition that begins when there is too much weed to be smoked, but must be smoked. The last person to drop out of the smoking rotation is the winner of Iron Lung.
Person 1 : Dude, I cant smoke anymore.
Person 2 : Then Iron Lung begins !
by Parry October 17, 2005
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when you chop the bottom off a 2L pop bottle and take an empty bread bag and tape it over the hole so you can form a pocket. to use you would first make a bowl out of tinfoil and poke holes in it and stick ure weed in it then when prepared push the bag inside of the bottle with yo hand and spark the bowl and slowly pull the bag out of the bottle watching closely that it fills with smoke and remove the bowl and place mouth over drinking end and suck all the smoke out that has been sucked in very fast.
Man those iron lung hoots we took earlier set me on my fuckin ass man
by Devin Richardson May 25, 2006
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similar to a 'gravity bong' (but without water) an ironlung is a 2 liter POP bottle that has its bottom cut off. there is a thick plastic bag (shake n' bake bag?) TaPeD around the bottom of the bottle. you cut a hole in the top of the Cap and put a Bowl in there. push the plastic up, inhale to remove air, put the bowl/cap on the bottle, fill it with weed, light it and pull on the String or something that you have TaPeD to the baG. WoW look at all that THICK YELLOW POT SMOKE :D remove cap and inhale. be carefull ive seen people barf off of the high they get from smoking weed this way :D
wtF is an ironlung ? besides hotknives or a vaporizer is it the best way to smoke BC BUD (the crack cocaine of marijuana) ? yep. :D
by hotknives :D May 28, 2003
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