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A groupe of gnar gnar skiiers and snowboarders that shred the east coast... yes we are your heros!
Woah.. the iron lung kids are soo sick!
by j-money January 10, 2005
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"Iron lung ain't got ta tell ya where hes comin' from."
by portmoney March 8, 2006
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shaolin technique developed by method man.Consists of having iron lungs due to intensive training consisting of smoking weed.
he has mastered the iron lungs technique.beware.
by ironlungs August 19, 2007
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A devise used to make the user inhale more then your muscle will let you inhale normally.
Hey man check out my iron lung! we can get mad hits off of this.
by will crowell June 19, 2006
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A competition that begins when there is too much weed to be smoked, but must be smoked. The last person to drop out of the smoking rotation is the winner of Iron Lung.
Person 1 : Dude, I cant smoke anymore.
Person 2 : Then Iron Lung begins !
by Parry October 18, 2005
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A spooky video game about being under an ocean of blood in a rusty submarine as an escaped convict, being forced to take pictures of landmarks in the blood ocean for your freedom. You only have a set of controls and a photo machine, telling you your coordinates on a map, your surroundings, and what direction you’re facing. The only window is sealed shut, as the submarine is old and weak. As you move through the ocean it gets more odd, as things start appearing, like a weird looking large fish. Eventually, after taking a photo your submarine gets shook. You have moved. You take a photo. Nothing. Keep moving. The photo is loading. The objective is…. Odd. It shakes your submarine. It looks like a rip in time. Stay focused. Keep moving. Take the next photo. There’s an eye. What is that thing? Your submarine moves again. It seems to have gotten thrown by the creature. Keep going, one more left. Your submarine is filling with blood. It’s leaking. Hurry, your oxygen is running low. One last photo-

And the thing breaks through.
Have you ever heard of Iron Lung? It’s spooky

“I don’t like spooky games”
by TheEndDragon April 17, 2022
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