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A beautiful soul, with the spirit of the Celtic and eyes that devour every waking thought. A beautiful and enchanting fairy princess who defines integrity, determination and love with her very being. Adventure and enchantment fill her days as curiosity leads her to explore the deepest caverns and darkest forests, radiating her beauty before her so that she is never afraid. For she is protected, loved, shielded from those who might seek to harm her by a powerful force
So pure of heart, she must be Irelyn.
by icefirewindmomma December 02, 2011
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Coolest person ever no joke. Has really cool style. Pretty,Athletic,funny,kind,and smart. Wouldn’t say a kind of person who is anti social just a person who likes to get crazy and fun with people she is at least sorta comfortable around. Super sweet and will do anything for anyone. Super busy so if you ever get the time or place to be around her cherish it.
Yeah I want to be friends with that Irelyn girl she seems soo coooool
by Sexyhotboy April 15, 2019
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Irelyn wowie she’s a keeper. She is soo cool had some weird phases but now is the coolest girl you will ever meet. Probably the coolest girl in school. All the other girls are so jealous of her. She is so smart,kind,funny, and athletic. Pretty much a savage. Really healthy for some reason works out everyday besides Fridays because that’s when she likes to get down. Best person to talk too but for some people you gotta the be the one to make the first move. Coolest shawty Eva. She is pretty dope and likes to hang out with the boys. Her personality is awesome nothing like a Irelyn
Yeah Irelyn got voted for like best everything everyone knows you can’t compete with her
by Sexyhotboy April 11, 2019
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Irelyn! Oh Irelyn she is so kind and genuine she might seem like she doesn’t talk a lot or is “shy” but that’s not the case at all! She loves talking and making new friends. She wants to be friends with everyone just doesn’t want to be around not so good people. She is very smart and athletic. Not to mention she has a crazy hipster style. She has good sense of humor. Someone who makes sure everyone feels loved even when she is having a hard time. When she gets crazy and wild you don’t want to be around anyone else but her. Irelyn is kind to everyone not just a few people. Has good lips and hair. Awesome to be around because she’s a kind of person that’s doesn’t judge every thing you do. Oh and for crying out loud things have got to be organized at least just her stuff. She is very pretty in a cool unique way. Irelyn is definitely not a basic white hoe.
Oh yeah that Irelyn girl is sooooo cool i want to be her friend! I want all her clothes!!! I love her humor
by Sexyhotboy April 11, 2019
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