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A small local sorority on the University of La Verne campus that pride themselves with extra-curricular activities, community service, sisterhood, and scholastics. These girls are the nicest girls on campus and are also the smartest. They are highly involved around campus and are well known as the sorority of "girls I want to marry." Anyone would be lucky to know a girl from this sorority.
Guy 1: "Which sorority is that cute girl in?"

Guy 2: "I met her doing OWL's. She's awesome. She's in Iota Delta."
by MrWillyWonka January 09, 2012
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Fat ugly bitches that no man would ever f*ck cuz they are so fat they wouldn't find the entrance for days. (aka "I-delts" or "I ought to diets") They are only found in the small college of La Verne and are seen in groups together binge eating and hazing the shit out of each other. They were stupid enough to turn down the Tri-delts, and actually make something decent of themselves.
Hey, is that satellite orbiting a planet ?

That's not planet...that's an Iota Delta Girl
by Blandbutbetter August 03, 2009
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