A highly amusing show, with fun and great animation. People are, excuse me, on crack if they think Invader Zim is "too dark".

And for the record, Jhonen chose to quit for his own reasons, and we should all respect that. He doesn't deserve to be bitched at because he is a very nice man.

Also, people who bitch Invader Zim and their fans, I have a few words for you: Pack of Low Lives...

I don't care how many people thumb this down.
It may not be the greatest show ever, but Invader Zim is still a great show.
by Skinny Rydell October 07, 2009
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An often random children's show created by Jhonen Vasquez, the force behind such great comics as Jhonny the Homocidal Maniac and Squee. It centered around a green alien named Zim who was sent out on a phony mission by his leaders The Tallest to conquer Earth along with a reject robot named GiR. The series lasted only 38 episodes despite the large fanbase and hillarity of the show. Several rumors have been circulating about the show's cancelation, such as an older target audience and a lawsuit by parents after their children read Johnny the Homocidal Maniac, a book Jhonen did not intend for younger audiences.
"Thank you for choosing me as your love pig!"
by Neko October 20, 2004
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was one of the most awesome shows on TV. about a little green alien whos leaders want to get rid of him. they send him on a "secret mission" hoping he'll die along the way. Now, he thinks hes sent to conqour earth with his robot slave Gir (cutest thing ever). He enrolls into a local school and only a large headed crazy boy named Dib can see through his crappy disguise.
Tallest: didnt we banish you to foodcourtia?

Zim: oh I quit when I found out about this!

Tallest: you quit being banished!?
by Farawen March 21, 2005
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A show that once aired on Nick before the Nick Monkeys cancelled it for various reasons (Some Examples: Didn't give enough money for what the show really needed for CGI; Kept changing the airing times without any warnings to the fans, so no one knew when it was on; It was too much of an older kid show) It was made by Jhonen Vasquez, creator of JTHM, I Feel Sick, SQUEE!, Filler Bunny, and so much more. Unfortunately for Invader Zim, as well, a parent did some research on Jhonen after her child became obsessed and was morally outraged by seeing what Jhonen did in previous works (Mostly JTHM) and made a petition to move Invader Zim to a later time. Dear Zim fans, don't despair, though! The rebelion is underway and all shall perish under the rebels' hands! Er... I mean, a friend found out from somewhere that it's coming back in 2008... I hope this time they don't lock Jhonen up in his office... He doesn't deserve such cruelty from the Nick monkeys...
But he's so niiiice! You just gotta get to know him better! Then open his head and sleep in it like a little squishy bed! - GIR, Return of Keef (Un-aired episode... Hell, it wasn't even animated yet!), Invader Zim
by DarkNeth August 14, 2006
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The best cartoon character on earth! He is the best thing that happened since Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.
Zim: I will rule you all with an iron fist! You obey the fist.
by Lisa (no need to thank me!) August 20, 2003
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the greatest show on Earth until Fuckelodeon cancelled it
"Nickelodeon is fucking crazy to cancel Zim and it's holiness!!!"
by Dirge January 30, 2005
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This is one of the only good shows I've ever seen on Nickelodeon, since it was made for the older audiences.

The show "Invader Zim" had many teenagish content (which is very rare to see on Nickelodeon nowadays) such as gross things and cruel actions against people and cute fuzzy animals. Most of the episodes were cut for timing and/or offensive content.

Invader Zim's triumph was at an end after a year later it was cancelled. Many people got very angry and Nickelodeon and when they had the chance they recorded the reruns and put it on the internet.

Oh and the creator of the show is Jhonen Vasquez.
It's rare to find a TV show that has teenage content nowadays. Why must the paranoids have to be so cruel to our television network?
by That one guy February 12, 2005
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