Invade poland is when you are going to shove your penis through a girl really hard, almost brutally! Barbarian style, no fingering or licking before, just a really hard push from the first time! Not recommended on virgins lol.
Girl u`d better relax cause i`m gonna invade poland!
by DARi0 April 23, 2009
Verb: To Invade Poland: A sexual act, where a man gets a running start (preferable 10-15 yards in advance), and dives onto his woman partner, hoping to land in her taco.

An often risky manuver, as many times it is hard to land a direct bullseye, and this can result in severe injury.Not for the weak of heart. Difficulty of landing in the taco,will vary on the women. Sluts are generally easier to invade and barriers can usually be infultrated with just one attack. Virgins on the other hand, my take multiple invasions.

Invading Poland is usually a mutual activity but don't be afraid to persue an ambush.
"Honey, im tired of the same old boring sex all of the time, isnt there something else we can try?"

"Why yes sweetums, why dont you lay on your back and ill be back in a second"

As man leaves he measures out ten steps from the bed..turns around, and with three brisk skips and a leap dives into snookums."

Invading Poland is pending for olympic events, excluding man african amercians as they would destroy many Polands accross the world.
by C IV March 6, 2007
When you need to go to the bathroom but don't want to be crude about it.
Co worker: Hey where did Bob go.
Boss: He told me he was invading Poland
by EJMacki February 20, 2016
To go out for a fun night on the town, have a beer. No sexual connotations.
"Yeah, after the way work went today, I'm sure as hell up for invading Poland."
by KIA - Underground Authority November 11, 2007