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Down to earth, humble, and really kind. Her smile will make you think about her for days. She's reserved and thinks highly of herself as well as respects herself. She puts all she's got into whatever she does. She's really intelligent and this is reflected by not only her spectacular school grades but also her smart life choices. Everyone wants....needs an intisar in their life. She'll brighten your life. You'll always want to wake up to her beautiful smile.
Crazy and seems mental at times but in a good way. Not everyone gets a chance to see this side of her. If you do, consider yourself blessed.
Omg, look at her smile!!!. Shes such an intisar.
by Niceguy5 May 08, 2017
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Very sweet girl she may seem like a bitch but if you truly get to know her well you will never want to loose her.She tries her best to make her self and others happy.Intisar can be super crazy at times but In a fun way.You will make some great memories with Intisar.Every guy doesn’t really think much of her but she’s beautiful inside and out and will always try her best to lighten up you’re mood if she gets attached to a guy it’s very hard for her to let go she can be really dirty minded and flirty but she’s the most amazing person and everyone needs an intisar in there life.if you have an intisar in you’re life you’re very lucky and you should treat her like the queen she is she has the best personality ever and if you’re lucky enough to have her as a friend take care of her she’s also got a fat ass that all the guys just wanna feel and have their ayes on and she’s got amazing boobs too
Courtney-omg I always thought she was a bitch but she’s so sweet and funny
Carson-she’s ugly
Jake-no man she’s very sweet and beautiful

Carson-I was so wrong about her omg
Courtney -I told you guys she was amazing
Courtney-Intisar means a great sweet beautiful and sweet person
by ????????..... January 07, 2018
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