Silly, stupid, or idiotic dramatics that take place in internet interactions between people that would never happen in real life or real person-to-person interaction.
Internet Drama is this:
A acquaintance you have only met through Facebook says, "why are you so retarded?". An acquaintance in real life would never say this. Then you tell your other friends on Facebook and talk bad about the person who said this to you. In real life, this wouldn't happen and no one would give a shit.
by Lovey23 August 29, 2008
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Two or more grown-ass adults squabbling like immature babies over an extremely trivial and/or ridiculous issue that nobody gave a rat's arse about in the first place, with no gain in any case aside from turning a lot of people against you just because you can.
Oh, would you two quit with this stupid internet drama!? Seriously, you're both acting like toddlers arguing over a pack of animal crackers; grow up and act like fuckin' adults!
by Intelligence001 February 12, 2020
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