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Dave: Wow you see that alpha there
Bob: Bro we're not talking about the Greek alphabet
by Ilostfaithinhumanity January 18, 2023
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Something that happens when a popular person does something bad and people are gossiping about it then that person gets cancelled or something. It happens on lots of fandoms like the OSC, fnf, twitter, roblox, youtube, etc.
Random Person: hey did you know the insert person here drama?
Another Random Person: yeah i think they should be cancelled...
Random person: ok
Another another random person: i hate internet drama
the two of them: same...
by Ilostfaithinhumanity October 10, 2022
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It's a fucking Greek letter, go do your "Betas" somewhere else
Jordan: Lmao look at that Beta over there. I bet he gets no bitches
Tyler: bro this ain't the Greek alphabet you fucking bozo
Jordan: :(
by Ilostfaithinhumanity January 22, 2023
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Something I have...
Billy: hey look at this meme it's so funny
Bob: what is a meme
Billy: wow bob doesn't have meme knowledge
by Ilostfaithinhumanity November 11, 2022
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Molly: OMG!! Logan is such a sigma
Zoey: what the fuck we are not in language class
by Ilostfaithinhumanity January 22, 2023
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something i never touched in my whole life
Billy: Bob do you know woman?
Bob: What the fuck is woman
Billy: Damn Bob never touched woman before...
by Ilostfaithinhumanity October 2, 2022
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People who are imposters of their "Gender"

They are basically imposters/shape-shifting of genders
James: Emily is cute tbh
Thomas: Bro she's a transgender that means you like A DUDE.
James: Stfu Thomas your just transphobic
Thomas: OK and it's my opinion
James: bro then keep your opinion yourself
Thomas: Idc bozo
James: SHUT UP
(5 minutes during the argument)
Percy: yo whats happening
James: Thomas is saying shit about transgender
James: man he always disagree on my opinions
Thomas: shut the fuck up James don't try to change the subject
Percy: ya bozos I like and hate them
Thomas: ok Percy if your talking about transgenders then you can join this
James: shut the fuck up thomas
(15 minutes later...)
Gordon: hey buckaroos what yall doing here
Percy: Thomas is talking shit about transgenders
Gordon: k Thomas you need a chill pill
(Gordon pulls thomas)
Percy: well he's gone you can talk to Emily now
James: ok bye Percy
Percy: bye
by Ilostfaithinhumanity January 22, 2023
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