Quite possibly, the greatest food that has ever existed.
Anonymous: Man, I'm hungry. Oh! I know what I'll eat....Instant Ramen!
by joybuzzoffical October 4, 2020
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Instant ramen refers the Japanese pussy that is warm and soft like ramen. 1. Chicken flavored pussy a small Japanese woman with small and thin legs 2. Beef flavored pussy a strong hulking Japanese women who prefers to be Dom 3. Shrimp flavored pussy the quirky Japanese girl who you want nothing to do with
“Man Tom Suki has shrimp instant ramen get em tigger”.
by Canned ice tea March 22, 2020
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Having a woman on your shoulders, pick her up slightly and spin her around putting her vaginal area on your face, leaving no choice but to indulge in your quick meal.
Chris: Dude, this chick went on my shoulders, so guess what bro happened.

Greg: Instant Ramen?

Chris: Instant Ramen.
by EnragedJekyll November 27, 2015
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