a gay male who boasts an excess of followers and likes on his Instagram profile. He might have acquired his online popularity by diligently farming followers, retaining followers from another platform like tumblr, or even through purchasing engagement from a third-party app. There is a 99.9% chance that he has autonomously labeled his account as a business profile, indicated by the “public figure,” “personal blog,” or “entrepreneur” subtitles. Other defining characteristics include having conspicuous elective surgeries (namely fillers), extravagant/outrageous hairstyle and color, abuse of self-tanner, unreasonably filled-in eyebrows, and excessive whitening of teeth to the point of translucence. A master of misdirection, the instagay carefully constructs an online persona that portrays himself as attractive, fun, rich, outgoing, happy, and confident; in reality, he is typically plain, desperate, awkward, insecure, depressed, and more often than not—tragic.
Person 1: This boy’s profile is obnoxious.

Person 2: Right? Textbook instagay.
by Invidiosa January 22, 2019
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This is what happens to you when you do something so over-the-top gay. That people don't like you anymore.
Did you hear about that kid who sucked the teachers dick. He's instagay now!
by Basscrack November 13, 2019
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Jon + pink rubber dildo + camera
We'll get some InstaGay shots at the next chubrock outing if jon comes.
by TimilDeeps February 28, 2004
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