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(in-slut') v.
1. to force into paid procreation
2. to act like Alyssa
3. to be initiated into the 'tilly gangsta cult

(in-slut'-ed) adj.
1. in an intoxicated state characterized by an undeniable urge to proselytize prostitution
1. She inslutted the boy and forced him into things he was too innocent for.
2. Brad insluts after talking with Alyssa too much, he begins to act like her.
3. After having sex with one of the founding members, you can be insluted, and will have full 'tilly gangsta cult status.

1. It wasn't my fault I had sex with him. I was insluted at the time.
by mourninggloryz October 01, 2005
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1. (n) Someone who pops in conversations at random times and adds useless information and then suddenly leaves.
Did you see Weemanv1 being a inslut again today? He told us how far the sun is from Pluto in inches and then left.

That inslut joined the channel again and told us exactly how many gallons of water were in the ocean.
by Raiyni August 10, 2009
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The sluttification of a concept that causes irritation for fans and tarnishes the original by association.
The new costume of Harley Quin in the recent DC comics reboot is an inslut to everyone involved in Batman the Animated Series.
by Nonsensicles November 11, 2011
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1) A combination typo-Freudian slip.
2) Where young men love to be.
This definition will probably be deleted.
by LudwigVan January 04, 2004
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"You're so stupid!"
"Omg, I take that as an inslut!"
"Oops, I meant insult!"
by Kitty April 16, 2005
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verb: to treat a subject with contempt, suggesting that the subject is sexually promiscuous, but the subject interpreting the comment as a compliment.
Person no.1: You slept with him/her too?
(said in contemptuous manner)

Person no.2: Ooooooh yeah! Are you trying to inslut me?
by insluter August 19, 2009
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