An inside joke is a joke only understood and funny to only two or more people or a specific group. No one else other than that group will understand the joke and when they do, they will almost always not find it funny. They are usually jokes where "you had to be there" to even find it remotely funny.
A group of friends are walking around at the mall.
Girl 1: Trash can!!
(group bursts out in laughter except for one other girl)
Girl 2: why's that funny?
Group: Inside joke...
Girl 2: Okay then...
by Your Username Here October 15, 2009
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A joke that only two or more people will understand. It's meant to stay within the group, hence the name "inside joke." Inside jokes are usually made out of random situations and come about on accident. Friends could have entire conversations about just one inside joke. These kinds of jokes are also so much fun to joke about! Inside jokes really bring you and your friends closer together and let you be more comfortable with them and other people
(the example below is actually based off of something that actually happened in Spanish class with me and my friend)

Spanish teacher: Alright class, turn to page 136 in your textbooks. These are verbs with irregular yo forms. Repeat after me. "Hago"
Class: "Hago"
Spanish teacher: "Salgo"
Class: "Slago"

Spanish teacher: "Traigo"

Class: "Traigo"
Spanish teacher: "Pongo"

Class: "Pongo"
Me: (Smiles and tries to hold back laughs as I look across the room at my friend who is also smiling)
Friend: (Mouths this) Pongo the penguin
Me: (Starts to giggle)

Person sitting next to me: What's so funny?
Me: It's an inside joke! Sorry lol
Person sitting next to me: Ok then...
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A joke in which you do not want to be part of.
Today Jenna did something and now is part of many inside jokes with my friends.
by The man of blood and death November 18, 2018
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Have you ever just randomly started laughing in the middle of class because of something that happened the other day? If not, you probably need more inside jokes. Why would I laugh randomly in the middle of class for no apparent reason, you might add, whats an inside joke?, well. PAGING SHANE PAGINING PAGING SHANE, COME OVER HERE SHANE. Wait What? what did that have to do with what im talking about? well that random blurt you just heard that made absolutly no sense to you or didn’t seem funny whatsoever, was an inside joke. An inside joke is something that makes absolutely no sense out of context or is the cause of many awkward "you just had to be there" moments, causing people to become iritable and crack out on demand when this unique phrase is mentioned.
Buddy: what are you guys talking about?
Friend: oh well the other day bill threw a pancake at me and landed on my dog
Buddy: What?
Friend: hahaha...oh you just had to be there
Pal: It's an inside joke
by pseudonym 101 January 8, 2010
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NOUN: Something for stupid people to post as their Facebook status, that they think is hilarious but truly sucks camel diyuk; sometimes followed by (U wudnt kno) or (INSIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
That is's-it's..and inside joke stupid.
by Carlos Mom March 16, 2010
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A joke that is very rude and offensive and should only be said inside but is told literally anywhere than inside
Person 1: what if it turns out this Japanese Genji main made a time machine and went back in time to bomb Pearl Harbor?! 😂
Person 2:nigga we outside, you shouldn’t be saying inside jokes and shit like that out here
by BLINGxCR-the-pro-genji May 2, 2018
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A joke with your best friend that you can laugh about for ages. Other people never get it when you explain it to them.
She is my best pigeon cheebie.
That's an inside joke
by E&F March 19, 2016
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