An inside joke is a joke formed between two or more people that no one other than those few people will ever understand until you explain it to them. And even when you do explain it to them, they may get the joke but may not find it even remotely amusing. People generally find inside jokes annoying, as the joke makes absolutley no sense on its own in any context. I find that most of the stupidest ones that have been formed by own group were formed by accident. Perhaps that is why most of them make absolutely no sense.

However, the inside joke can backfire. In one instance, two people can have an inside joke, and a third person finds out about said joke. Then, the third person find it even MORE funny than either of the two who formed in the first place. Truly annoying.

I have about 100 or more inside jokes formed between me and one particular friend alone. We even have an inside joke about how someday every word we say is going to be an inside joke. Which, someday, may occur.
Random person: Yeah, so I went to the pet store, and there were some bunnies there. They were really cute.


Random person: What?

*inside joke is explained*

Random person: Oh. Well, uh, that's not THAT funny.

Group of friends: Yes it is! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Random person: Uh, ok... *backs away slowly*
by Elise Sawyer August 13, 2006
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An inside joke is something that a select group of people, and only those select few people, will ever understand until it is explained to anyone outside of that group.

Something Urban Dictionary really seems to hate. Seriously, I can understand removing definitions with people's full names in them, because that can be used to track people. But inside jokes? Really? They aren't all THAT bad, at least compared to all the racist, sexist, offensive shit on this site. But scroll down to the "Remove" button. Full names and inside jokes are THE ONLY 2 reasons to remove definitions, nothing else. What the fuck.

Guy: What?

*Joke is explained*

Guy: I still don't see why it's THIS funny...

Group: Are you kidding!? Hahahhahaha!!!
Everyone: Why does this site hate inside jokes to the point of deleting them and nothing that is actually worth the time of deleting?
by Mister Cookie October 27, 2012
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Something shared usually among close/best friends. WHen you can say a simple word or phrase and be sent into hysterical laughing, that word or phrase is an inside joke. To other people who are "out side", the ones who are "in side" seem preppy, stupid, and immature.
by Kalcutta May 29, 2005
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An inside joke is a joke, usually extremely silly and stupid, that you share with one or 2 other people. Only you and those people understand the joke; if the inside joke is explained to other people, they start to wonder if you are crazy because you find something so silly hilarious.
Katie: Are you aching for some bacon? Hahaha!
Jayne: What? That's not even funny!
Katie: It's an inside joke.
by Amyy.xox July 02, 2009
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n. a joke or saying that has meaning to a few select people on the 'inside', and none to anyone else. Generally very annoying; try searching for a definition on Urban Dictionary without running into at least one. You'll find you can't.
OMG, Jenna somerville is da shiznit! Her name is, like, synonymous with tool. I hate Chris because of a stuffed animal named purple nurple
by =west= December 08, 2003
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