It’s basically “innocent” but you spelled it wrong.
1: Man I’d love to be balls deep in her but she’s too inocent

2: You mean innocent?
1: What’s the difference?
2: You spelled it wrong
1: What do u mean spelled it wrong? We’re talking out loud here!
by PyraSam September 10, 2020
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She would have been considered inocent but she had far too many balls in her face in her lifetime.
by YouCantHANDLEDeezNuts March 1, 2016
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Girl:I'm seriously INOC right now
Boy:are you on your period or something

Girl:*slaps boy and eats a chocolate bar*(she was on her period)
by Mountaingoat09 April 3, 2016
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a virgin girl having strong sexual feelings
The girl who has never had sex before wanted to beat around the bush since she was an inocent freak.
by Java K February 6, 2006
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the people wo get shot during my reckless drive byes in my new benz
i was doin a drive by and shot this inocent bystander
by DeVonTheDucer July 31, 2003
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