A one-of-a kind girlfriend, who can wield a sword, has stunning eyes and can always make you smile

Pronounced ( Een - Gurr)
She is so perfect, this girl must be an inger.
by balkeissodamnfine April 5, 2009
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A obscure 'Slur' for a British person.
person 1 "bro look at that Inger 💀"

person 2 "what is an Inger?"
by something prolly April 13, 2023
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Shite. Faeces. Definition from Northeast England, Tees Valley area.
Fooking hell Ive got Inger all over my shoes.
His house smells like Inger.
by RectalPalpatine May 28, 2019
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A beautiful girls, who's athletic and the funniest person ever. She is usually a brunette with long curly hair and has the most beautiful eyes in the world. A girl named Inger once asked me the infamous question "Kan eg bli gravid av dette?". That whas when I knew she was the one.
Can you ask Inger to make some bananpannekaker?
by El Joneso July 26, 2021
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Word for "ecstacy". Originates from the Sutherland area in Sydney. Where they are constantly munching them.
Sutho Kid 1: I NEED TO GET ON!!!!

Sutho Kid 2: Ingers?

Sutho Kid 1: Of course Ingers

Sutho KId 2: I can get on to some $2 ones straight of the ship at Port Botany.
by Sam Deighton March 15, 2009
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Highly intelligent person, loving, caring, beautiful, sexy, compasionate, stunning, gorgeous, funny, gorgeous eyes, good posture and very thoughtfull. Can be easily frightened by cats and geckoes...
Silly Inger Marie she was to busy being so loving, caring, beautiful, sexy, compassionate, stunning, funny, gorgeous eyes, good posture and very thoughtfull that she didnt notice the half gecko half cat creature that crept up behind her and scared her... Silly inger Marie.
by Lobo943 September 4, 2011
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One who has been there and done that. You've sky dived; he's skydived while saving 3 navy seals who's parachutes malfunctioned. You beat a woman, women beat him. You've fought fires, he's put out a city block by himself.
"he just saved the killer whale from extinction, he must be an inger-man."
by the fireman7 October 26, 2011
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