A plot device that is able to reset movie franchises.
*with Infinity gauntlet, thanos snaps finger*

Woman: I think we'll name our son Rian Johns....what?...Where did he go?

George Lucas: The galaxy far far away will be in great hands under the leadership of Kathleen Kenne-

KK: Mr. Lucas, I don't feel so good...

George Lucas: You're all right.

KK: I don’t know what’s happening.. I don’t want to go.. please.. I don’t want to go. (as she fades away)

KK: Mr. Lucas, I’m sorry.
by HanAsSolo May 30, 2018
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A Love Glove that when snapped disposes of half the universe
Nick Fury - "That Purple Mother F*cker has the Infinity Gauntlet"
Captain America - "Language!"
by Nozgaming May 29, 2018
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Infinity gauntlet is the action of sticking your hand up a females vagina while lifting her into to the air. Once the female is lifted you snap like thanos thus the name “infinity gauntlet,”.
Ayo tswizzle, you give Elania that infinity gauntlet last night?
Yes sir bro! She banged her head on the ceiling
by Twsizzle December 30, 2022
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The Ultimate Drug Experience. Once completed, the user will feel as powerful as Thanos. In order to wield the gauntlet, one must be under the influence of the six stones at the same time.

Soul- Alcohol. One must get so drunk that they pour their very soul out to anyone who will listen.
Time- Weed. One must burn so much kush that they feel that time is coming to a standstill
Reality- LSD. One's own reality must be altered so much that they feel the ability to control all reality.
Space- MDMA. One must feel as if they are in a 90s rave. That much MDMA.
Mind- Shrooms. One must be able to unlock 100% of their brain power.
Power- Anabolic steroids- The strength of 100 men.

You won't feel so good when it all wears off
Peter was so high that he got the infinity gauntlet last night.
by op potato slayer May 17, 2018
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While you are fisting someone, you snap your fingers while your hand is inside them, causing them to cum.
by Tubsy77 May 12, 2019
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