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The act of throwing up on a girl while performing oral sex on her. The resulting situation looks like a taco filled with Indian food.
After eating too much at dinner, the smell of her vagina prompted an immediate Indian Taco.
by hankieberberson December 01, 2011
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a popular sexual endeavor in which a male or female fills a magnum condom with fecal matter, curry, and cumin. The recipient then lays flat on their back in a Kansas City Chiefs jersey and howls like an indian in penetration anticipation of the indian taco. the indian taco is inserted backwards by the indian giver. the fecal mixture is then squeezed out into the recipient. once the recipient has all the indian meat they proceed to vaginally poop it into the indian givers fanny pack for later use. the conclusion of the act is marked by the recipient punching the giver square in the poop filled fanny pack until the giver cums.
I have never been more aroused than after partaking of the indian taco with bessessimy.
by indianassault April 13, 2009
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A sexual act in which a female lay on her shoulders and spreads her vaginal lips open while her sexual partner squats over and defecates into said woman.
Last night this girl said she was really into kinky things, so asked her she had ever did a Indian taco. She told me it was her favorite.
by Crazy.people March 19, 2013
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