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The time of year when, after spring has officially begun, there is still snow on the ground and occasional sub-zero temperatures.

(A play on "Indian summer," which is warm weather after the beginning of autumn.)
Spring began on March 20th, but there's a blizzard coming this weekend. It must be Indian winter.
by Indian weatherman March 31, 2011
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Opposite of Indian Summer. Happens in the Spring, especially in the souther states, just after the trees and plants have bloomed and you are getting used to the warmer weather and you think you can put up your winter coat and fleece-lined pants, winter weather returns with freezing temperatures and even snow.
1)Friend: It is after Easter, so I planted my garden. Me: What are you thinking? Friend: What do you mean? Me: It's going to snow 11 inches on Tuesday. We are still having Indian Winter.

2) Oh no, it's going to be freezing tomorrow night, and I've packed away all of my winter clothes. I didn't count on Indian Winter hanging so long.

3) The tree blooms look really pretty covered in the ice left by the Indian Winter.
by Norman1973 April 22, 2013
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When you optimistically turn off the heat prematurely after a spring warm spell.
The landlord turned off the heat too soon last week and last night Tim nearly froze during that Indian Winter.
by marfeena April 06, 2010
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