An extreme cut and blow dry that dramatically changes the persons look.
by B247E June 30, 2011
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The act of flatulating under your covers, waiting 10 seconds, then sticking your head in and sniffing it.

Often confused with Dutch Oven, but the difference is, with dutch ovens you're doing it someone else. With Nazi Incinerator, you're doing it to yourself.
Friend 1 - "You know what I love."

Friend 2 - "What?"

F1 - "Sitting in my bed Nazi Incinerator'ing myself."

F2 - "What's that?"

F1 - "Rippin' ass under your covers, then sticking your head under it to smell your gas in all it's glory."
by Fleedledeedle March 25, 2010
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To completely incapacitate and obliterate one's butthole.
"Yo dude, how about those kids on Xbox LIVE? MAN HAHA"
"...Complete and utter Butthole Incineration..."
by Mikey Rawling November 21, 2007
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Irreparable damage to human skin/cellular DNA caused during the era of radical climate change beginning in 1991.

{A progressive term used to characterize the harmful, mutative and disabling effects of global warming on human tissue, wherein hyper-radioactive, electro magnetic waves bombard, eviscerate, and, over extended periods of time, 'incinerate' layers of 'dermis' (skin). The presence of pathology is detectable when cellular membranes become necrotically cauterized, inducing an incurable, desmoplastic form of melanoma. The evidentiary revelation of the Dermal Incineration Event, or D.I.E., (beginning in 1991) was introduced by 'Al Gore Research Institute' scientists; Dr. Johnson Cooks, Professor Patty Meltingood and Dr. Kevin Michael Damone of Ridgemont.}
1. Many of our neighbors were recently diagnosed with skin cancer as a consequence of the "Dermal Incineration Event."

2. Dr. Kevin Michael Damone gave two Earth Wind and Fire tickets to Charles Jefferson and his brother, then, 9 years later, published his introspective, proprietary, sealed thesis regarding the effects of the "Dermal Incineration Event (D.I.E.)" on the human condition after comparing conclusive data from three prominent subjects, Stacey, Linda and Mark Ratnor, while listening to side 1 of Led Zeppelin IV.
by Charitable Disguise December 21, 2019
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The act of having your partner pour a bowl of pure capsaicin (the spiciest substance on the planet) onto your cock, resulting in an extremely painful, sometimes cock-fatal burning sensation.
My girlfriend got pissed at me so I got an Irish incinerator.
by AluminumPancake September 2, 2007
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when,once a person succumbs to a potentially pandemic/epidemic causing disease, his body is not returned to his relatives for burial but is instead incinerated (usually by government executive order) for obvious sanitary/hygiene reasons in order to prevent further infection and try and stop the rampant pandemic/epidemic from spreading.
all the religious and superstitious spiel aside, and despite the fact that sanitation-hygiene prescribed corpse incineration was inefficiently used during The Black Death epidemic of 1347-1351 in Europe, IMHO sanitation-hygiene prescribed corpse incineration should still be considered as a viable option in treating the current Ebola outbreak in Western Africa
by Sexydimma July 30, 2014
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The Aperture Science brand Emergency Intelligence Incinerator.
Did you just toss the Aperture Science Thing We Don't Know What It Does into the Aperture Science Emergency Intelligence Incinerator? That has got to be the dumbest thing that-whoah. Whoah, whoah, whoah.
by TheREALQuazar May 23, 2022
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