term for a hand movement politicians use when speaking puclicly. The forefinger and thumb are held approximately an inch apart, while the other three fingers are tucked under, into the palm. The hand moves forward in a pointing motion.
Man, that Assemblyman was really giving him the power inch during the debate!
by Kathleen "Dot" November 20, 2006
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nmnm inch is a measurement unit used to measure your loved one. Made by Rahaf and Mahdi
I wanna kiss every nmnm inch of you.
by JulianMcD June 21, 2021
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The name should explain itself. Only godlike people shall hold such a cock in their grasps, it's always ready for use and can last for hours if used correctly.
1: Holy shit! Look, that person has a 25 inch mega monster cock!
2. Whoa, you're right! Look at the gurt of that thing!
3: Yeah that's right, worship it.
by Handle can't b blank November 5, 2019
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When a woman turns on a man but the man has to poop and it's pushing up against his reproductive organs and makes the woman have to poop and then the woman has a spasm
Like literally seventeen inch log and soda behind it
Twords poop pushing up against reproductive organs, and causing spasms of behavior, that can lead to prosecution
by Zachary O'Donnell September 28, 2023
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Someone with a small dick (2 inches or smaller) but who really knows how to use it. At first you will laugh but after that when you get to try it it will be very good sex.
Emily: that Oscar had a two inch punisher you know
Alex: you lucky girl. Now let’s have sex.
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