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When a sibling detective squad hooks up with each other during or after an investigation.
After solving the Mystery of the mysterious mystery, The Hardy Boys went back to their place to Incestigate. All Night Long.
by androoxc November 02, 2009
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The act of passionately searching for phat loots for the game World of Warcraft.
What drops in that instance? I shall incestigate for the drops!
by MainTankRespectIt February 07, 2007
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When a person checks out a blood relative and thinks, "man, I could totally bang them!"
The candidate incestigated his daughter and said he could date her if they were not related.
by MalevolentCreation July 26, 2018
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1. Subtly trying to find out if a family member is dtf without destroying your relationship if they are not.

2. Portmanteau of Incest and Instigate. Putting two or more people who are related in naughty situations to see if they'll go for eachother.
1. John: Dude that girl Annie was all over your dick, why didn't you tap that?
Bobby: She's my cousin! There's no way shes into me, besides her mom would kill us!
John: I think it's time for an incestigation. Be a more flirty, maybe take a walk together.

Annie: Ugh... I flirted with my cousin Bobby to get him to buy us beer and now he's being all weird and gross.
Rita: You went too far girl, he thought you were serious!

Annie: You're right this has all the signs of an incestigating. I gotta reject him ASAP!

2. John: Man I'm so pissed at Bobby for ruining my chances I'm going to incestigate him and Annie just to fuck with him.
by NedryOS June 08, 2018
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