To inbreed means to have children with a member of your own family, specifically a blood relative.

This kind of thing happened centuries ago quite commonly to keep royal and high-class blood from branching out to the lower classes of society, and very rarely happens today, as it is frowned upon by...well, everyone.
"My dad forced me to inbreed with my cousin because he didnt want our family's blood going to some street rat."

"Im inbred."

by Shadow XII December 1, 2005
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people from fryeburg or cumberland. mostly seen at the scarborough walmart, or the biddeford walmart.
teresa- holy shit, inbreeds!

lindsey- where do you think they're from? fryeburg or cumberland?

teresa- both, the family probably branched out.
by teresaa February 6, 2009
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Inbreed faggot.... also known as Travis Demler a retarded sloth looking mother fucker who loves the dick and doesn’t ever shut the fuck up!!!
Jeff was joking with Chris and called him a inbreed faggot and out of nowhere a guy popped up and said hi i am Travis demler you called my name
by Nayrnamerob November 27, 2019
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