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To inbreed means to have children with a member of your own family, specifically a blood relative.

This kind of thing happened centuries ago quite commonly to keep royal and high-class blood from branching out to the lower classes of society, and very rarely happens today, as it is frowned upon by...well, everyone.
"My dad forced me to inbreed with my cousin because he didnt want our family's blood going to some street rat."

"Im inbred."

by Shadow XII December 01, 2005

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1. The act of being fuckin' stupid.

2. The only problem in the world that takes care of itself, yet laws prevent that.
1. "Man, he's stupid. He needs to stop the idiocy."

2. "Idiotic people kill themselves, but the police to their best to stop this."
by Shadow XII January 11, 2006

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1. The crime of killing one's king or leader.

2. Another(less user) word for commiting traitorism, where one attacks one's own people on the battlefield.
Aly commited treason, but she got away.
by Shadow XII November 30, 2005

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The very symbol of imbceility.
'Fiddy Cent' is a moron, and you know it.
by Shadow XII January 16, 2006

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The beach is possibly the most reliable place for picking up chicks and guys.

All kinds of people are there, from hot 15yr old girls in bikinis to 50yr old men in self denial.

Whether you're looking for serious love or a quick fuck in the boat shed, the beach is the place to look.

Oh, it's also the nearly official word for where the ocean meets the land.
Guys: "Let's go to the beach and get some pussy."

Girls: "Let's go to the beach and get some stud."

Everyone: "Let's go to the beach and laugh at fat men and women, then get some pussy/stud."
by Shadow XII November 27, 2005

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