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Inara means Ray of Light; or Heaven Sent (Arabian Origin) In Hittite - Hurrian mythology
Inara (إنارة) was the daughter of the Storm-god Teshub or Tarhunt and the goddess of the wild animals of the steppe ("potnia theron"; in Greek mythology Artemis).
by Napssonatural January 30, 2018
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Inara is a funny, pretty, and humble girl. She can be very nice but if you get on her nerves she can be a bitch. Inara has a amazing laugh that is high-pitched and full of fun. She is fun to be around and is a great girlfriend. She is also lovable and has nice kind eyes. Inara will light up your day if you are having a hard time. She is caring and full of fun. Inara just wants to have fun. Inara has many friends and she is honest, She's not fake and will always be truthful if you have a question.
Yo, I'm dating this girl inara she is so amazing
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by LovelyLaugh November 19, 2018
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1. Character in Joss Whedon's Firefly.
2. The act of declining a proposition, delivering an insult, or placating an adversary with utmost poise, in a manner which allows the other party to either hear what they want to hear, or take the truth in the gentlest manner possible.
*A friend walks in wearing a truly horrifying red jumper*
'What do you think? I bought it in the sale...!'
'I like red. Red is a lovely, warm colour.'

'Would you like to come up for coffee?'
'That's a very sweet thing for you to offer...'
'That's not a "yes".'
'It's not a "no", either...'

'How about we meet up again, some time?'
'Some time, definitely.' (very slight emphasis on 'some')

'Way to pull an Inara, back there! That guy couldn't tell if you were insulting him, or coming on to him. I don't think he'll be bothering us again, soon... until he works it out, at least.'
by Trickenso January 31, 2007
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the only useless boring character in joss whedon's otherwise brillant, original, hiliraious and cancelled tv show firefly. She's the reason
guy1: You wanna watch firefly?
guy2: What's that?
guy1: the best show ever, but it got cancelled because of this stupid whore Inara who couldn't act...but we got the awesome dvd so we can just fast forward through her shit bits.
by Samsontheawesomekingof July 12, 2006
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