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1. When someone gets their feelings hurt due to the words or actions of another. Often times resulting in that person being overly emotional and dramatic. The incident may seem extremely significant to the person in question while seeming insignificant to those around him/her.

2. When someone cares too much about someone who does not feel as strongly about them.
1. Kianna is over there pouting because Shaundra is trippin & snapped at Kianna for being in her way.

Kianna, why are you all in your feelings? You know how Shaundra be trippin.

2. David is in a bad mood because his girl didn't call him last night.

Bro, why you all in your feelings, you know you just met that girl last weekend.
by Msgetitright December 29, 2016
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When you feel sad for no particular reason and think about someone you like and or care about or someone who has hurt you.
by Lugrace June 03, 2018
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When you feel sad and people usually try to hide it. Most likely happens when someone is roasted.
Reggie: Trisha, you look like a frog that just hopped out your family reunion in a trash can!

Crowd: OHHH

Trisha: I don't care what you say

Reggie: You in your feelings, bro?

Trisha: No... *sniffles*

*Trisha goes home and cries*
by #killyourself June 25, 2012
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