Someone is in the closest if they are a displaying homosexual behaviour secretly.

In other words, someone is 'in the closest' if they are a homosexual but do not know it yet or have decided to ignore their actual feelings.
George Pinkett is 'in the closest' because he has not accepted that he is gay yet.
by Definition Monster 314 February 22, 2018
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A person that cheers you up when you're down, stays by your side when the world leaves you, and do stupid crazy things with you. This person is your crying shoulder, your diary, and your comfort room.
May I have a picture with my closest friend? :)
by yrame September 09, 2012
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Someone you is not your boyfriend or girlfriend but someone who lifts you up. They are probably more then a friend, but less than a boyfriend or girlfriend.
My closest friend asked if she could help me with my homework.
by BlastGhost20115 March 21, 2016
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The person who supports you throughout your life, your partner, a husband or wife, mother or father of your child .
by Created from love February 11, 2019
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person: hey are you a lesbian?

me: *debby Ryan* what…??? pfh pls no… ahhahahaha no. What no.
person: so you are a lesbian in the closest huh?
me: stfu
by taylorswiftslut July 18, 2021
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you- hey, whats the closest thing to a fishs asshole?
friend- uh idk
you- a finn!
friend- haha
you- haha
by simoisgod February 02, 2021
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