Treating something as a joke that ends up costing a large group a large sum of money.
Don't Bush-it those dike repairs; otherwise there will be hell to pay during the next flood!
by CaptD April 18, 2009
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Based on the actions of a US president, (George W Bush), generic word meaning any or all of the following:

Rape the land, kill the innoceent, steal oil, drink and drive.

But primary use is equivalent to "fuck things up"
"I'm just gonna paint that wall"

"Well don't Bush it"
by Gregory F Puckup November 11, 2004
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To really fuck up with your words or act like an idiot.
Did you see that guy fall off that ladder. Man he really Bushed it.
by bham May 25, 2004
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Anyone illegally appointed, usually by a greedy, immoral and powerful entity mafia after legal voting has been illegally terminated, to the Presidency of a supposedly sovereign nation.
Illegal President GW Bush; of the United States Of America from 2000 to 20?? after UnUnited States Supreme Assholes Court terminated vote count in several U.S. states to illegally appoint GW Bush President. acronym for Biggest Ugliest Shit Head, typically a shit for brains individual incapable of rational thought so as to perpetuate the contol of a country by wealthy entities unknown to the general public due to a careless and wanton disregard for the truth and reality.
by dawgbyter August 18, 2006
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When you are physically hiding to avoid an uncomfortable situation
Sean did not want to speak to reporters so he went "in the bushes"
by Yankeeblue025 May 12, 2017
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The act of running, jumping, and landing into a bush. Usually done under the influence of alcohol.
I had so much fun bushing with you guys last night. We should go bushing again sometime.
by bexter42 June 6, 2013
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Tired or fatigued;The object of Bush`s brand of NWO political views; a victim of mental and/or political rape by the power that be.
by jim pearce November 13, 2003
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