a hand-to-hand position, resembling a high-five, done as a warm-up exercise, in general, before some kind of physical activity, or sport. So called, because it reminds one of the famous Glenn Miller instrumental, of the title. A locker room dance, prior to a football game, or even prior to football practice, using hand-to-hand combat techniques, may be called "In The Mood."
Jamie, his friend Matt, and Matt's little brother, Robert, all did In The Mood, on Sunday, December 28,1986, before going box-sliding down the snowy hill.

When they were in high school, and played football, David, Greg, and Mel, who were all close pals, would do In The Mood,in the locker room,as a locker-room dance, prior to football practice or prior to a game.
by MadScientistTrio70 February 08, 2014
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