It is used as a greeting when you haning with you peeps. It is replace for bye.It could mean, in a few minutes, in a hour, this evening or tomorrow or anytime we meet again
Sean: I gotta go, we ga link up!
Mike: Yeah ya c, In the forward
by Crunk Princess February 18, 2005
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a positive characteristic; someone who is unreserved, friendly, bold, and sociable. you could even say they are extroverted. it's also the opposite of backward.
the weird janitor kid has a crush on her. it might be partly due to her somewhat decent personality but i think it's mostly because she has a very friendly and forward approach.
by taller man October 4, 2013
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When some one sends you something really cool in your e-mail. Forward worthy is forwardable
This Power Point presentation is sooo forwardable
by bluewillow65 January 7, 2007
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Excessively interested in the opposite sex. Particularly when referring to females; Boy Crazy, Slutty.
Mom: "You've been hanging out with Coren a lot these days"

Ted: "so... do you have a problem with her?"

Mom: "Well i don't know... she seems well... a little forward."
by Seth Pierce May 17, 2005
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In Jamaica it is used as a replacement for the word "come" since "come" sounds like "cum".
Forward nuh man!

Unuh forward inna dis.
by Majin_Boo September 12, 2006
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The bad asses on the rugby pitch. They use brute force to maintain possession of the ball. They engage in majority of the rucks and are right in the middle of the scrum. Basically, they are men doing man shit.

Forward positions consist of the props, the hooker, the locks, the flankers, and the 8 man. Typically, they wear jersey numbers 1-8.
The forwards did work today during the match, leaving the other team beaten and bruised. Let's go to the pub, get drunk and sing hilariously crude songs.
by Blind Side September 15, 2009
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tune that gets plenty forwards on radio station - many man dem askin for it to be played usually on pirate stations.
like 'forward riddim' by heavy MC Lethal B (Bizzle)called forward riddim cos it gets plenty forwards on pirate.
by blocktower August 28, 2004
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