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1.The process of making one ball larger than another by squeezing and groping techniques used by the ancient Bushido arts.
2.The actions of a chinese babies eyes going from very large and creepy to insanely squinty, all happening in nothing more then 5 seconds after exiting the womb.
"Billy was in the middle of making himself impitant when his mother walked in and he got scared and popped his nut."
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v. tr.
1. To squeeze the testicles until they become misshapened so that your semen comes out a reddish color. Once used as a form of birth control in ancient Japan and China.
2. To make (a person) impitant.

v. intr.
To become impitant.

1. One who has the qualities of being impitant.
2. The discharge of an impitant.
1. Tetsuo painfully impitanted because he liked the more festive red color.
2. The man woke to find that he'd be impitanted by bandits during the night.
3. She was disgusted by the discharge of the impitant.
4. I've always liked the look of impitant on my face after a bukakke party.
by Luke D April 01, 2004
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