Someone who is clueless. unaware of the mood in a room, the feelings of another....even when obvious cues are available.
I didn't want to talk to him, so I was being really short - but he's so imperceptive, he just kept trying to talk to me.
by Babbers December 26, 2013
Very slight or gradual so that it can go undetected or almost undetected.
Big Daddy Disappear got away again?! Damn! That nigga' is imperceptible!
by D-Vo February 2, 2006
A word that people use to describe anyone who doesn't see the world the way they do.

It's bullshit, because not everyone values the same things at the same level.
Because I cared about some details that she never noticed, she called me imperceptive.
by Downvoting Victim July 24, 2012
A song by nerd out that is catchy as hell my guy
Red:I found a body beside the reactor
Blue:somebody killed orange :o are you bastards Black:what we gonna do this is a disaster imposter imperceptible a killer so maniacal extraterrestrial freak
by Insta pussy mobile January 20, 2021