The best meme generator on the planet. Full of brilliant people who will make your day brighter.
Person 1: Have you seen the memes on Imgflip?
Person 2: Yeah they are hilarious!
by Hello_Random_Person! June 30, 2020
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A meme generator that was made in 2009 and has "streams" as a sort of subreddit or section of the site based on a topic
Imgflip is the best
Imgflip is a generator
by asdfperson135 June 30, 2020
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A meme site filled with *very* original memes, reposts, and six year olds who hate school. Most people use it because their school blocked every other meme site and it's squeaking clean.
A: This class is so boring, you know any good sites?
B: imgflip?
A: I'm not THAT bored
by bluetides March 05, 2021
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A place on the internet where people just can't move on past 2010. The meme generator is mostly used by forty-year-old moms to make crappy 144p top text-bottom text "memes" about minions for their "I love my children" Facebook Page. The community is not cancer (yet), but who knows? Maybe one day it will be overrun by those forty year old moms.
Boy, I sure love this imgflip meme generator. Wait, imgflip has a community too?
by Jesus_McCheesus January 19, 2018
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The ImgFlip Revolution is a petition created in 2020 by popular meme site ImgFlip users GTGamer011 and Trooper27-Squadron912. The revolution was meant as a resistance against the site’s many hackers, spammers, and bullies. Before the existence of this revolution, the pair had created a stream called Peace_On_ImgFlip. It was meant as a refuge for those bullied by the ImgFlip haters. Once the stream was publicized, it spread like wildfire, and users started rapidly following the stream. Then came the creation of the revolution. Currently, the revolution is still going.
The ImgFlip Revolution is meant as a way to resist the power of hate.
by jigglypuff_theman May 14, 2020
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A website where you can make your own memes and add stickers to them, and is full of people who are obsessed with choccy milk, Among Us, and hating on TikTok.
Me: "I personally like ImgFlip, but the community is a little bit loony."
by soowutthegreat July 27, 2021
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