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a gorgeous,hot,sexy,beautiful,pretty girl.She's very funny & will have any boy crazy for her.Shes very trustworthy.Outgoing,amazing,crazy,loves to laugh. Banging hot body.Any boy is lucky to have her
Imari is the kind of girl i need in my life.
by Cherrieeee Babeeeee July 08, 2009
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An Imari is a girl who on the outside is seemingly very happy and living a good life. However, An Imari hides pain and suffering. Though they seem tough and fearless and unbreakable, they are hurting so much and cannot seem to tell anyone how they really feel ever. Imari's are beautiful yet it is so hard for her to accept that fact. An Imari is a person who is insecure and vulnerable. They are the type of girl who puts others before herself and every time she manages to break a little more. When she finds someone she loves they always seem to be taken by someone else before she can get the chance to confess her feelings. She is great at giving advice and comforting others yet when it comes to giving herself advice and comforting herself she has no idea what to do. Imari's seem simple but are much more complex than many think.
She's being such an Imari right now and she won't talk to me.

That Imari is beautiful. I wish she could see it.
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by RadiantBlizzard50 July 20, 2017
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The type of girl who likes to date people older than her. But is a really trustful friend never let her go.
Hey Imari is my bestest friend ever
by Hello sunshine May 14, 2017
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