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The Xerox Telecopier, a primitive fax machine, as called by gonzo journalist Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.
...back at Rolling Stone I had to be available to read and edit copy as it came in eight- to ten-page bursts -- via the Xerox telecopier ("the mojo wire"), a primitive fax, which had a stylus that printed onto treated paper (at a rate of seven minutes per page) and smelled.
by arteitle May 9, 2005
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1 (n): A hyperlink to a media file (video, audio, Flash, image, etc.) on another site that bypasses any html pages that would identify the site or earn it advertising revenue. Prohibited on many message boards and blogs, as it saps bandwidth from the site serving the media and earns the ire of the site's owners.

2 (v): To post a hotlink.
Hotlinking is not only bad netiquette, it's theft.
by arteitle May 29, 2005
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