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Another name for the Illuminati. The Illuminati is an organization run by the Annunaki who in turn run the government that rules the people. The Annunaki came into power by creating these human bodies we reside in and asking the people of Earth to live in them. At that time Earth was more formable and free, but the Annunaki wanted to gather gold to keep them alive. Their creation of a human biomachine allowed them to gather gold while through humans. Something in gold is used to keep their physical bodies alive indefinitely. Money is used to control the human slave race's freedom right down to the bare necessities of food, shelter, and clothing. No wonder money is tied to gold.

If the Illuminati or Annunaki are fully exposed, they loose their power, so they stay hidden while they rule. If someone speaks out, they discredit what was said so that they get made fun of and no one listens to them. (Tin foil hats anyone? Maybe there's something to it. Also, look at other definitions of this word. Some of them might try to discredit the validity that the Illuminazis even exist.) If something gains too much popularity that it can't be discredited, then they take over what's become popular and bend it into something that no longer serves people or is way too expensive for most people. (Ex. Commercialized Reiki - There are some of us still willing to help for free and train you as well, though.)
Illuminazi means the same as Illuminati and was given the name due to their Nazi behavior. (Ex. Electrifying caged children as part of their mind control programs.)
by LightworkerNaven May 11, 2013
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Very radical part of Illuminati organization, trying to bring nazi world order back...
One Illuminazi shot me, because I said that Hitler was an asshole.
by OjeBallstrom March 21, 2015
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The Nazis were in reality secretly working for the Illuminati, and Hitler was the head of one of the branches of the Illuminati, so they sent him out to create the Nazis to control overpopulation by killing off the Jews. After the fall of the great leader Adolf Hitler, they later formed a new association within the Illuminati called the Illuminazis. An Illuminazi is a member of the organization. Each and every Illuminazi has cut off their testicles in honor of their founder, Adolf Hitler. The Illuminazi has close ties with ISIS.
Dude, your no scope 360's are so MLG, I bet you're an Illuminazi.
by Sleepingwithshadows May 08, 2015
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An evil legion of demonic lizard illuminati nazi's trying to take over the world.

A fake organization used to demonstrate the mental incapacity of a person who is crazy enough to believe everything they see, read, or hear; especially regarding conspiracy theories. When questioned these types of people will likely have a defense of 'I saw it on youtube' or 'google it, its true.'
Used to mock a friend;
Friend: No realy, it's going to happen just wait and see, wait and see the government is going to knock at your door soon, youll see.
You: Yes, the government and the illuminazis are going to come and eat our babies.
by shmeshmorsion February 25, 2013
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