The quality of knowing how to offend and alienate as many people, in as short a time, as possible.
He was their new neighbor, so comprehensively offensive to everybody that within a couple of weeks of his arrival he was a laughing stock. No one wanted him there. No one was speaking to him, or ever would. He had trained hard to become what he was - impeccably ill-mannered. It was a talent given to few.
by Monkey's Dad May 11, 2021
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Ill-mannered is a phrase of having bad manners, Lacking intelligence, or characteristics of a brat this word can be used as insults towards other people the word that is closed to it is the word unmannerly both of these words are like the same the difference in them are the definitions the opposite of unmannerly is showing good manners but in other words ill-mannered can be also used like having bad manners and not behaving properly well in social situations.
1. This person is so ill-mannered he is behaving like a buffoon.
2. What is wrong with this person? He is behaving ill-mannered in class he is just playing games all day with the lack of behaving well?

3. This person talks to me very ill-mannered and I am sick of it.
4. I cannot believe this I take him to acting class and he acts so ill-mannered.
5. This is a situation here and I see you are just laughing about it which makes you ill-mannered.
by Clock Clock March 12, 2021
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