An american who is ignorant of things outside their country, and quite often ignorant of what goes on inside it too. Media manipulation?, ignorance is bliss!!

NOTE: not all americans are ignorant, every country suffers from the problem, the main problem is when the ignorant american also happens to be a loud american, which compounds the problem and lets others (usually a lot) know of their affliction. Often will carry on about how america saved the world in wwII, but forgets to mention the reason why the majority of troops involved in the d-day landings were american- the allies had been fighting the war for more than a few years and had run out of men!
I heard an ignorant american once ask "what country is europe in?"
by jamesbrown April 22, 2003
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An american that thinks they know everything and can solve all of the problems. Basically they're an American democrat. European democrats are a completly different story, but American democrats tend to blame EVERYTHING negative happening on George Bush. Even though the president has little power nowadays when the legislative branch disagrees with them (which our legislative branch does because they're mostly democrats), they still think he is the cause for all problems, causing his approval rating to be at its record low. They are ignorant because they believe what Obama is saying, when he says things like "see what bush has done to wallstreet" when in fact he didnt, because he cant do things like that unless the democratic ruled congress agrees with him. so really he should be saying "see what democrats are doing to wallstreet". Not ALL American democrats are ignorant, but the vast vast vast majority of them are.
Bush: Lets fix wallstreet my way

Congress (dem. ruled): No, we will fix it our way

*congress attempts to fix it and fails miserably*

obama: See what bush has done! Vote for me! I'm black!

Ignorant Americans: Im voting for the black liar!

*McCain dies moments later at the age of 412*
by idontgotsaname420 September 30, 2008
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What most americans are. Some who is AI may do any of the following:

1. use "gay" as a general insult.

2.tlkz lik dis on de intrntz.

3. lack basic school knowledge (i met a guy on the internet who didn't know what a compound word is.)

4. hate on famous people (like Justin Beiber) ot of jealousy.

a good place to find peoplet that are AI is Youtube, just look at the comments.
I can't believe i used to be Americanically Ignorant.
by Chowderz March 30, 2011
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