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VERB: Ig nig' ne ate (ig as in igloo ) ( Rooted in Ignite )

Definition of Ignigniate ( Create ) yet, more powerful than the word create in that is means to create by a force of symbolic igniting as in a forceful creation as a result of atrocities from continue attempts to provide a solutions to a purpose, cause, or for lack of a better word than create.

If the theorey of the BIG BANG were to include that an intelligent being caused the Big Bang after much frustration with ignorance of others and in need of a solution then it would fit to define Ignigniate. The word fell into place as I was writing and in need of a word that was used to address a Senator on an Environ-mental Issue. Quote: "" The sum of continued destructions of our heritage lands ( as the 44 Oil Wells Planned for Yellowstone ) is potential to ignigniate a simultaneous evolutionary leap of Human Consciousness that will uncover the fiction that shouds the truth of our Global Position and our Congressional betrayals.""

The continued atrocities in the Municipal and County Police Division, especially the sexual misconduct and other peversions of years were ignored for too long. Credible and continued actions spurred the community to ignigniate the PERF commission and intiate an attempt to impeach the executive officer.

We used the word ignigniate (noun) in our Delaration & Constitution of the New PERF ( Public Entity Regulatory Force) (also... a short shot to PERFECT' by force ) and then I defined it on Urban Dictionary where It will be established as ligitimate and with the purposed and effective intent; yet only available to those who use Urban Dictionary and ignigniate new words for lack of others. Words are Powerful to Create and Divert and To Start and to Stop and to Intervene. Urban is an Ignigniant ( The Passive Use) Idea that has united peoples in conversations and created a cloud of confusion for others, while this ACLU PROJECT grows stronger and stronger. I don't believe they knew what they had would be so much used. Creating Words is the precursor of Accelerating or Perfing (Perfecting ) words to CREATE solutions to deal with such as mentioned.

Ignigniation: The Process to Ignigniate. This word can be used in most forms, but reserved for the "intent" of a "more forceful capacity" to project powerful meaning.

Now to use it in sex slang & appease the bros and bloz; here it goes! She/he gave me brain for 3 hours, most drove me crazy but then all of a sudden I ehoced out a tarzenate and ejected her/him across the room. Now that was a forced ignigniation to tease and manage for 3 hours before the eruptions of the schlonghard bang. "try that for a big bang theorey."
by Simon Corbin April 29, 2007
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