The name Ife means love in Egyptian. It is given only to females with enough gusto to handle it. Ife is very unique, and so the person with the name should be treated as such. Mispronunciation of the name is not tolerated, and so people who want to talk to someone with this name should learn how to say it first.
Wow. That girl is a rarity. Her name must be Ife!

Only an Ife would be prepared to take on that task.
by LadyLady1 January 23, 2011
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A chic with ambition and talent! Anxiety sometimes gets in her way, but she definitely stands out amongst a crowd!

A girl with a lot of love to give, 'ife' means love in Egyptian and Yoruba (a Nigerian language).
Ife?... she's a feisty one!
by Hannah Gallaga February 09, 2013
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(A Nigerian name from the Yoruba tribe)

Ife is a beautiful girl or boy that is smart, active, and thoughtful.
For example, Ife is very hyper
by :( :) ;) March 02, 2020
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She is really cute , funny and will vouch for anyone she meets. She is close to being the best person in the world.
my lil sis is called Ife
by Ynx.Ash February 01, 2020
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Ife means love in Yoruba.

Ife (male) is a rare gem. Often found in the public arena Ifes tend to be very reserved and value their personal time. Ife is husband material. Your friends cannot be trusted around Ife though Ife can trusted around your friends.

Get you an Ife
by Sweetssky February 04, 2020
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(1) International Federation of Science
(2) Ickle Fickle Sassykins

(3) A natural phenomenon where the concentrated levels of black sass within an area exceed 75%.
Oh dang, look at that! It's an IFS!

Bro, I work for the IFS.

Hey, what's up IFS?
by Dichlorodiphen February 11, 2015
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