Klinačka forica

Uzrast koji je koristi : 7 do 77 godina

Realno ne znaci nista osim sto pokazuje koeficijent intaligencije kod onog ko izgovara ovu frazu
Buraz 1: Matori dala mi keva 50 jura jer sam položio ovu školsku godinu prosekom 2,00
Buraz 2: Ide gas tebra ajmo na whoes i white horse.
by Princ od Beograd July 17, 2020
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Serbian slang phrase used by children and teenagers (mostly ironically) to signify that the gas is going. It's used in moments of celebration and good luck. Similar phrase Ne ide gas can be used for negative moments.
Friend 1: I got an A in Chemistry!!

Friend 2: Ide gas bre!!!!!!
by gasssser November 21, 2020
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ide gas is a serbian slang meaning that gas is going. if gas isn't going then neither is life.
Ne ide život al ide gas.
Gas is going but life isn't.
by nikonistastavasbriga May 10, 2020
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serbian word usually used by teenagers mostly when they are wearing nikes and other expensive clothes or when they just feel cool
(car going fast)
teenager in car: ide gas
(teenager wearing expensive watch, shoes and clothes)
teen: ide gas
by nije bitno May 13, 2020
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a sentence that “gasers” use to express their happines over something
1. gaser: yooo i told that lgbtq+ person to go die in a ditch
by ultimativnabuba__ April 22, 2021
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Gandhi's non-violence is old school now. Teens these days follow the principle of ID-GAS
by underh2oman May 24, 2010
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